An application placed in the top 6 of the 2016 Carlhacks hosted by MLH.
Branding + UX/UI
Worked with application developers to curate the front end of the application.
Designed the mobile and watch interface.
74% of people surveyed by the National Institute of Mental Health claimed to suffer from speech anxiety. The most anxious of speakers suffer from a number of the following behaviors deemed as ‘poor speaking mannerisms’ by Business Insider Magazine. Our app, Hear Me Out!, is created to relinquish these poor mannerisms, in order to turn the meek into the mighty. All you need to do is set your phone on the table in front of you, slap on an (optional) Pebble watch, click ‘start’, and practice your speech in privacy. This app helps prevent:
Distracting mannerisms. By implementing theorems of the great greek pythagoras, we’ve used the Pebble’s tilt sensors to detect sudden motions deemed inappropriate for a stage presence. The watch will record every case of (1) nervous counting fingers, (2) pumping pointer fingers, and (3) vicious waving of the arms. In addition, the user has the opportunity to turn on the ‘Feedback Mode’, which allows the user to receive haptic feedback reminders to ‘calm their hands’.
Low volume and fast-speech. Through Google Voice and Microphone-Equalizer libraries, we’ve recorded and provided feedback to users on their words-per-minute (if it’s too high OR even too low), and whether you should speak up. In the settings of the app, you have the opportunity to set up room size and ‘microphone’ parameters.
Vocal fillers. Ummmmm, annnnnnd, wellllll. Using the Google Voice API, we’ve been able to successfully identify many of these, even with moderate success with the hard-to-track uhhhhhh and ummmmm.
Using a timer to guide the speaker, the application will score the speaker on each of these three areas in order to give a baseline for the next practice session!
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